2018-2019 Officers   

President:  Brian Sheckells (cheerleading, girls’ soccer, bocce, girls’ lacrosse)

Vice President:  Marita Ferriter (swimming, boys’ lacrosse)

Treasurer:  Maria Poletis (field hockey, girls’ lacrosse)

Secretary: Susie Haley (girls soccer, bocce, softball, boys’ soccer, tennis)

Communications/Membership: Erin Reif (boys’ soccer, boys’ lacrosse)

Scholarships:  Marita Ferriter (swimming, boys’ lacrosse)

Outdoor – Ryan Bourrassa (girls’ soccer, bocce, girls’ lacrosse)
Indoor – Missy Golden (volleyball, football, basketball, swimming, baseball, girls’ lacrosse)

Resource/ Ways & Means (Fundraising) Coordinator:  Diana Paton (girls’ soccer, bocce, girls’ lacrosse)

Mulch Sale Coordinator:  Kim & Brian Sheckells (cheerleading, girls’ soccer, bocce, girls’ lacrosse)

Athletic Director:  Pam Thornton,

VP, Athletics: Tony Peck,

Principal: Steven Roberts,

For more information about board positions please refer to the Bylaws.

If you are interested in filling any of the open board positions for 2019/2020, please send an email to