Funded Projects

Our main fundraisers include the concession stands and the annual Spring mulch sale.

During the 2013/2014 school year the Boosters committed $10,000 toward seeding and maintenance of Bermuda grass on the lower soccer field.

The Boosters have purchased the following for use in the gym:

*scoring table

*wall safety mats

*electric winches and glass backboards

*indoor batting cage

*basketball shooting machine

*contributed funds to update the sound system in the weight training  rooms



*pitching machine

*headsets for football

*dugouts for the baseball and softball fields

*scoreboards for soccer, baseball and softball fields

*indoor/outdoor sound systems

*warm up suits used by swimming, track, basketball, and wrestling teams

*$1,000 scholarship to two senior lettering male athletes

*$1,000 scholarship to two senior lettering female athletes

*mobile water stations

*sideline guards to protect football/soccer/lacrosse/field hockey field

*sideline cameras

*power washing, painting and other upgrades to the tennis courts

*new roof for the baseball and softball dugouts

*storage shed for baseball


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