Athletic Boosters Bylaws

Maurice J. McDonough High School Athletic Boosters


   Article I

The organization’s name will be the Maurice J. McDonough High School (MHS) Athletic Boosters; hereafter referred to as the Athletic Boosters.


Article II


 Section A.   The organization’s general purpose includes:

  1.  Cooperating with and supporting school administration ,faculty, and Coaches on matters pertaining to athletic activities.
  2.  Assisting in the financial support of all sports and associated  functions in the athletic department
  3.  Promoting and enriching good relationships between the school, its students, and the community through athletic activities
  4. Providing volunteers to aid with the athletic programming miscellaneous duties as requested by the Athletic Director, Coaching staff(s), and/or school administration.
  5. Provide financial support for athletic awards(varsity pins, letters, certificates and trophies) to student athletes, including SMAC/Regional/State awards.  Additionally, provide financial support for refreshments for the Fall, Winter and Spring athletic award programs for each school year. 

Article III


Section A.   The members of the Athletic Boosters will be persons within the school community who maintain the best interests of the student athletes as their primary purpose of membership.  Membership will be determined by active participation in Booster activities, meetings and fundraisers.  Only active members of the MHS Athletic Boosters have the right to vote for disbursement of Booster funds or other business.

 Section B.   The Athletic Boosters will be self-sufficient and raise its own revenue

Section C.   The Athletic Boosters will not charge annual dues

Section D.   Active members are members who have attended at least 50% of the current year’s meetings.  Each member shall abide by the By-Laws of the Athletic Boosters.


Article IV


Section A.   The Officers of the Athletic Boosters shall be selected from the active membership, and will be elected by the general membership during the last meeting of the academic year (i.e., May).  The officers (President, Vice  President, Secretary and Treasurer) of the Athletic Boosters, in concert with the Athletic Director and Principal, constitute the Executive

Board of the Athletic Boosters.  No member of the school administration shall hold an office in the Athletic Boosters.  No person may serve more than two consecutive one-year terms in the same position; however, they may serve on the Executive Board in a different position.

Section B.   Any office on the Executive Board who shall be absent for more than two consecutive meetings, unless excused by the President, will forfeit their position.The Executive Board will appoint a replacement.

Section C.   Duties of the Officers

The duties of the President shall be to:

a.  Oversee all operations of the Boosters to include leading meetings each month, calling special meetings as necessary, working with each officer and committee chairperson as needed to ensure actions are handled, problems are solved, etc.

b.  Works closely with the Principal and Athletic Director and keeps them apprised of information as it relates to the Boosters.

c.  Participates at school sport activities, such as the end of the season programs and new student orientation, providing information about the Boosters.

d.  Approves committee’s recommendations for the scholarship recipient, announcing and awarding the scholarships at the end of the year banquet/program.

The duties of the Vice President shall be to:

a.  Steps in and acts for the President when the President is unavailable.  Is temporarily promoted to the position of President if the President resigns his/her position during the school year and carries out the term until the end of the school year.


b.  Oversees the concession sales to include working with the Concession Chairperson to ensure food and beverages are ordered and stocked and contacts Booster reps and, when necessary, parent volunteers to ensure the concession stands (both the Field House and inside near the GYM) are covered during games and or events.

c.  Ensures by-laws are reviewed every two years.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

a.  Ensures the financial books are kept up-to-date and provides a report at the monthly Booster meetings

b.  Works closely with the school’s financial office providing necessary paperwork to ensure bills are paid timely.

c.  Performs such other duties as are incumbent to the position.

d.  Ensure there is a sufficient balance in the Lesley W. Cooke Memorial Scholarship Fund account to cover student scholarships for the next three school years.  These funds will come from the proceeds of concession sales and Fundraiser profits.  Funds will be transferred to the scholarship account as necessary at the end of each school year.  All donations from any person or business designated specifically for the Lesley W. Cooke Memorial Scholarship Fund will be directly deposited into that account.  The donated funds would be in addition to the transferred funds

The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

a. Keep an accurate record of all regular business (monthly) meetings as well as special impromptu meetings that are called.  Share notes with Booster Reps, the Principal and the Athletic Director.

b.  Perform such other duties as are incumbent to the Positio

Article V

Standing Committees

Section A.   The athletic boosters, through general membership motions or through the     Executive Board, will establish standing committees as its welfare and programs   demand.  Standing committees include:

Membership – in charge of recruiting new reps to our meetings and to help with events as needed.

Communication – runs the GMAIL email account, Shutterfly and Sign-up Genius. They will inform Booster Reps and other parents who’ve registered of upcoming events, special notices, reminders, etc.  Makes contact to the local paper and radio/TV stations to advertise events, etc.  Updates Booster information as needed to distribute at sports functions

Ways & Means – handles all fund-raising events to include forming sub-   committees and scheduling meetings to ensure each fund-raising event is run    efficiently and smoothly.  Prepares and provides status report at the end of each event for the following month’s meeting and for historical purposes

Scholarship – works with the Career Center at the school to ensure    applications and information for the scholarship are made available to all seniors  who participate in sports.  Selects at least two individuals that are not associated  with the McDonough High School and McDonough High School athletic programs to act as the scholarship application review and selection committee. Ensures that applications are turned into the McDonough High School Career Center for initial review.  After receipt of application(s), reviews them and provides them to the selection committee along with the score sheet; committee makes selection.  The selection is presented to the President for approval unless the President has a senior who may have applied, and then the Athletic Director and Career Center will make the approval.  Sends selection information to MHS’ Financial Administrator for payment to College/trade school

Concessions – ensure food and beverages are ordered and stocked at either    the Field House or Rams Den prior to each event where concessions will be sold. Orders additional supplies as needed when concessions will be sold during the special events

Resource Coordinator – contacts Coaches and/or parents for volunteering to work with the concession stands at both the Field House and in-door (GYM)   sports events.  Provides contact information (such as a spreadsheet) with   necessary information (such as name, phone number, date/time they’re   volunteering, game, etc) to the Vice President to ensure all events where   concessions are sold are covered

ByLaws – Ensures by-laws are reviewed/updated every two years, noting the President and Vice President must review any changes prior to presenting to the Booster Organization.  The Booster membership must vote on all changes.


Article VI

Other Information

Section A.   Information in this section can be added as deemed necessary.

  1. Time Limit – In order to keep our meetings within the time period provided, i.e., 90 minutes; discussions on any topic should not exceed 15 minutes – unless allowed by the President.  If necessary, the President for discussion on a specific topic can call a special meeting; or, the regular monthly meetings can be called to order earlier, e.g., at 6:30pm, to allow ample time to cover the topic.