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Conditioning Overview:
Note:  Students do not have to be eligible to participate in first semester conditioning.
You DO need to be registered and cleared to participate. Register Here

October 5 – 30 in-person participation in Spring sports, clubs and organizations

  • Outdoor activities only
  • Limited to three times per week (Monday through Friday); no more than 90-minutes per activity
  • Must begin after 4 PM daily
  • Contact tracing documentation is required
  • Wearing of facemasks and social distancing is required except during vigorous activity
  • Students MUST BRING WATER or they will be turned away
  • No activities permitted when there is no school for students

All workouts will adhere to the social distancing guidelines according to Governor Hogan, Dr. Hill, and CCPS Policies.  While we will have extensive protocols in place for our coaches as well as are student athletes, I wanted to provide you with a breakdown of the policies as they pertain to you and your child.  Please take a moment to review these protocols to ensure that when you child attends conditioning, he/she is in compliance with all expectations. Any failure to comply with these safety protocols will result in the student’s non-participation and, in such an event, a parent/guardian would need to promptly return to the school to take the child home.

Synopsis of Rules/Regulations/Protocols 

1. All workouts are VOLUNTARY.  However, if you child wants to attend, they must be registered for their respective fall sport and CLEARED prior to attending a workout.
-When you register online, you will be mandated to provide documentation for your most CURRENT PHYSICAL and sign the COVID19 WAIVER.
-If you are new to the school or you have never registered for an athletic team during your time at McDonough, you will have to take the IMPACT TEST.
2.  All registrations must be turned in online 24 hours prior to the workout.  
-For example, if your child wants to participate on Monday, October 5th, they must be registered by Sunday, October 4th at 3:00 PM.
3.  All student-athletes and coaches will need to wear a mask when they arrive and when they leave workouts. 
4. All student-athletes will need to bring their own water.

-I would strongly recommend buying a gallon jug of water and putting a child’s name on it.  If they fail to have water, they will not be permitted to stay on campus.

5.  All student-athletes will check in as they pass the gate. They will check-in on their phone as a timestamp that they attended workouts and then check-out when they leave.
-After checking in, they will report to their coach.

6.  These workouts are CLOSED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  
-No one is permitted to be at workouts if they aren’t cleared.  That includes parents, former players, coaches, etc.
7.  If there is bad weather in the forecast, an alert will go out to the public
-This decision will be sent in an email and posted on our Twitter (@mcdonoughsports) and Facebook (McDonough Athletics) accounts.
-If we have a “pop-up storm” during the workout, a plan and procedure is in place to provide the coaches and students with a safe location that will adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

To complete online athletic registration, please visit: https://mcdonoughathletics.com/online-registration/
Should you have any questions about fall conditioning or the online registration process, please feel free to reach out to our Athletic Director, Pam Thornton (pthorntonmiller@ccboe.com).