1st Semester Workout FAQs

CCPS First-Semester Athletics Plan Q and A

When are the voluntary workout seasons?
Spring: October 5th – October 30th
Fall: November 2nd – December 4th
Winter: January 4th – January 29th

Do students need to register for the virtual engagement seasons?
Yes! Students must be registered (by a parent) using this link.

Do students need an up-to-date physical in order to participate?
Yes! Physicals are valid for one calendar year. So if a student submitted an up-to-date physical to McDonough in the 2019-2020 school year, the physical is on file and could still be valid as long as it has not expired. Students who need a copy of the physical paperwork to take to your doctor can find it here.

How can we submit a physical?
You can upload the physical during the online registration process.

Do I need to submit paperwork for the parent permission slip?
No, this form is incorporated into the registration.  There is no form to submit.  Simply agree to all the questions asked.

Are there tryouts for the first semester season?
No – first semester workouts are open to any students who are interested in a sport. There are no tryouts or cuts during this first semester workout period.

How often will teams meet during the defined season?
Engagement will vary from sport to sport and from school to school, and even from week to week. However, teams may meet a maximum of 3 times a week for 90 minutes, between Mondays – Fridays.

Is there an academic eligibility requirement?
There is no academic eligibility requirement for these first semester workouts. (Normally, students must have achieved at least a 2.25 GPA, 0 F’s, and no more than 4.5 absences on the most recent report card).

Can I participate in more than one sport per season?
No, students are only allowed to do one sport per season.

Do I need to participate in first semester workouts in order to do the spring in person seasons?
No.  The two seasons will be independent of one another.  If you choose not to participate in these first semester workouts, you can still tryout when athletics fully return on February 1, 2020.  At the same time, participation in these first semester workouts does not guarantee that you will be part of the team in the spring.  There will be full tryouts and cuts for the MPSSAA sanctioned seasons.  First semester participation will have no bearing on spring cuts.

How do I know if my registration went through or if I need a new physical?
You will get an email from the athletic director or the coach within the next few days.

What protocol will be in place due to COVID-19?
All workouts will adhere to the social distancing guidelines according to Governor Hogan, Dr. Hill, and CCPS Policies. All student-athletes and coaches will need to wear a mask when they arrive and when they leave workouts. All student-athletes will need to bring their own water. Attendance at each workout will be strictly documented by the coaches in order to contract trace. These workouts are CLOSED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to Pam Thornton (pthorntonmiller@ccboe.com), Athletic Director at McDonough High School.